Saturday, September 5, 2009

Myth III personal observation

I realized what Myth III feels like to me.

Almost everyone has seen a book to movie adaptation, where the story is changed, the way people look is changed, things are done differently, and it feels like at the most, it's a tribute, rather then a rendition.

However, in spite of all that, it's nice to see things come alive, and be able to see what thins looked like, and such. Even if things don't look how you expect, it can be interesting to see everything come to life.

Myth III is like that for the Myth series for me, the story feels like it was done by some people that cared about the universe, but did not full know the source material, and a lot of events and happenings in the game feel like they are pushing the suspension of disbelief.

However again, it feels nice to see the things come alive, or in this case be 3D. Making it possible to zoom in and watch the combat. While some things look 'wrong' in my opinion, in general it's nice to see 3D units.

This is not a review, but one will be coming as soon as I finish this game.

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