Sunday, September 6, 2009

Heros Of Haxor 3 preview

I played Myth for many years before becoming a real fan of it, and I missed out on many popular plugins, which I am slowly catching up on. One of the plugins I missed was Zeph's popular "Heros of Haxor" series of plugins, in which 2 teams made up of a small number of 'hero' units with crazy-powerful powers duke it out in an arena.

Heros of Haxor 3 is the newest installment of the Heros of Haxor series, and looks to not only do the originals justice, but push this series of plugins even farther with new it's new co-op mode.

The co-op mode places a team of randomly assigned Hero units against groups of enemies, which start out small, but over time, the groups get larger and large, so after a time, you will really be pushed to the edge of your seat. It's never hopeless however, as the group of Heros are all well made, with incredible special effects and satisfying attacks. While lot of plugins with new units and attacks take a while to ease in, making them have harsh learning curves, this plugin does a good job of side stepping it, making a lot of the attacks new enough to not feel "been there done that", yet close enough to other attacks to feel at home, and not lost on your first try.

Another thing that makes the co-op stan out, is the fact that unlike a lot of coop survival plugins, in this, your units are not incredibly tough, being only a bit tougher then the original units they are based on, which makes this feel a lot more tense, but in a good way, and not tedious.

The increasing difficulty is really well done, and was something that stood out to me as a very great addition to the coop, giving you time to dish out units, and get used to what you have before the big waves come in. Even so, it doesn't start boring either, as you still have to watch yourself, even at the start.

The versus of this is what the fans of the other plugins have come to expect, but updated for a new plugin, it will still contain some of, if not the best special effects for attacks, as well as some of the most interesting and unique attacks to grace Myth.

For either mode of play you are looking forward to, you have a treat in store, hopefully Zeph will fix some minor balance issues, because that seemed to be all that was left to fix before it was ready to go into the public's hands.

Keep your eyes open for it!

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