Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wind Age Multiplayer Demo released

Renwood here with GOOD NEWS MYTHERS!

We are Proud to announce our Development team has finsihed the multiplayer part of what we have spent the last 5 years creating!!! For these last 2 months we all worked solid 12 hour shifts to bring you all something very special indeed!

Please make any kind donations through paypal to
"" It will help us quickly produce MORE and better HD content if people donate a little.

Created as a Technology DEMO of what the modern myth2 1.7.1 engine is capable of
To help convince publishers that there is STILL life left in this great old game

"The Unofficial Myth IV The Wind Age Multiplayer Demo Part1" (MIV_TWA Multiplayer Demo for short)

Things you can look forward to are:

22+ all new HD units! (with more in later releases)
All Really sweet looking HD 24 bit Dtexed Colormaps (Thanks to Melekor Jon God!)
All new HD Effects for EVREYTHING! (Thanks to ooga and myself!)
All HD scenery (Thanks to Road and Ooga!)
An extremely well crafted MYTHY gameplay experience YEARS in the making with TONS of alpha and beta testing to back it up!

Now keep in mind this MythIVTWA Demo is MENT to PUSH the envelope of what the MODERN myth 1.7.1 Engine created by Project Magma can REALLY DO!
And as with all modern video games with modern content it requires a computer made in the last 5 years or so for the smoothest/best looking gameplay experience.

The reccomended system requirements are:

Single core Mac 1.8 GHZ, 3 gigs system RAM, 256 MB Video (or better)
Dual core Mac 1.5 GHZ, 2 gig system RAM 128 MB Video (or better)

Single Core PC 2.2 GHZ, 2 gigs system RAM, 256 MB Video (or better)
Dual core PC 2.0 GHZ, 1.5 gigs system RAM, 128 MB Video (or better)

We dont have minimum system specs at this time.

It SHOULD play on most computers pretty smoothly if made it the last 5 years and with 2 gigs of system ram and 256 megs of video ram.

Things to make SURE you have these settings in myths Preferences turned on to get the BEST HD experiece:
Make sure to TURN ON the following:

1. USE OpenGL RENDERING MODE!! Dtexs on maps ONLY WORK in OpenGL!!!

2. Landscape Textures ON, (puts the AWESOME Custom 24 bit Dtex textures created by Jon God on the maps)

3. Set "Tex. Cache" to 512 MB

4. A Screen reolution of 1024X768 OR ABOVE!

5. Max FPS box set to 300 FPS

6. Anisotropic Filtering On.

And if you are on an Older/slower computer and want to get HIGHER FPS IN GAME DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE Of everything i just listed.
ALSO To increase FPS in game When you have Dtexs on you can hit F11 and it will toggle Dtexes on and off in OpenGL Mode only. (Great for if you get slowdown in large battles turning Dtex off mid game with F11 can increase FPS by 50 frames or more!) ALSO BE SURE TO HAVE Vsync NOT SELECTED! this is slow you down a lot as well if Vsync is turned on.

OK well i think thats about it! For further instructions Check the README that comes with the Download! AND TRUST US IF YOU LOVE MYTH ITS WORTH THE DOWNLOAD! O and ITS FREE!


Your Kind Donations of ANY AMOUNT through paypal of even 1 dollar would be VERY Helpfull! And will help us greatly in helping us to release the SUPER CRAZY HIGH DEF Multiplayer demo Parts 2 and 3 Later (WARNING QUAD CORES RECCOMENDED FOR THAT RELEASE!!!!). We are ALSO working on Single player/COOP campain Levels that should be out this month (WE NEED SCRIPTING HELPERS THOUGH!)

The single player/COOP levels will give all you Mythers out there a chance to see the campain levels and ACTION that we have been working on FOR over 5 years!

The only thing you will need to get used to is the inventory system for units. Using them ISNT required for the most part so you can take your time to get used to how all of them work.

BTW All THE UNITS IN OUR CREATIONS HAVE NORMAL MYTH TFL AND MYTH 2 UNITS HEALTH AMOUNTS!!! So no Mazz style gameplay where 10 wights exploding on an archer CANT kill him. We Tried VERY HARD to keep evreything MYTHY.

OK well i can sit here telling you about whats in store for another 10 pages but instead im gonna go play it online!So what are you waiting for?!? Go download it and MYTH IT UP!



P.S Thanks to EVREYBODY that ever helped us in any way! ill try to give evreybody credit in the README later! the people id like to thank now that i can remember off the top of my head are: Oogabooga, Road, Toxyn and the entire MythIV the wind age Devlopment team (Corbeau, Brute Squad, Matty sly, Fury, Krille, Guildernstern, Gugusm, Jon God) Deqlyn, Myrd, Melekor, Souly, DA, Godzfire, Pyro And all the other people at project magma that make awesome new features for the mythII 1.7.1 engine and beyond!

The DIRECT Link to DL the MythIV The Wind Age Multiplayer High Def DEMO is:

Please make any kind donations through paypal to:



Go check it out, I already did.

Myth 1.7.1 Public beta released!

The public beta of ProjectMagma's Myth II 1.7.1 has been released, go download now:

And report any bugs you find here:

If you would like a changelist, one can be found here:

Civil War Redux for Myth 1.7!

After a long time coming, PoinT's Civil War Redux for Myth 1.7 is finally released:

Go download it now!

In addition to the tagset, there are a few plugins giving different levels:

Enjoy, and see you on Mariusnet!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Deadfall released!

Deadfall Released! (10/19/2009)

After months of development by Jon God, with help from Zeph, Deadfall, an extensive modification to Quarantine, is finally finished. Deadfall is a Zombie based cooperative survival plugin for Myth II. Playable with up to 15 players, Deadfall pits you against nearly 400 AI controlled zombies.

Without variety, is plugin a nothing? Deadfall is playable across 15 maps, with 6 unique gametypes and team/ffa variants.

To add another layer to the gameplay, Deadfall is class based, and every round you can choose a class to suit your playing style, be it Rockets, or Medic, there are 8 classes to choose from, each unique with their own pros and cons.

If a player dies when fighting against zombies, he returns from the grave to kill his former team mates to score extra points, and keep them from getting any more points.

Levels range from urban sprawls to snowbound bases, and everything in between, get ready to fight on some of the most varied maps in on plugin. You'll find yourself fighting in quarries, deserts, small cities, harbors, and more on a host of Strangelet maps!

Gametype wise, expect some interesting twists, with the normal zombie slaying infection, along with other gametypes including a FPS style deathmatch gametype, with multiple spawn points, and FPS style capture the flag.

Touching on classes, there are some of the more obligatory classes, such as the Medic, and Flamethrower classes, but along with them are more original classes, such as the Seeker, with his plasma launcher, and missiles. There is enough variety to make for some very interesting combinations of classes for co-op.

The cherry on top of the features is the high standard of graphical quality in this plugin, with nearly all sprites much higher resolution then normal Myth II sprites, and all 15 levels completely detail textured. Deadfall will be the prettiest Myth II 1.7 plugin released to date!

After reading all this, what are you waiting for? Go download it now:

Download Deadfall from the Tain

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Official Site for news an updates!

Official site link: LINK

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Myth III: The Wolf Age review.

Name: Myth III: The Wolf Age
System/s: Mac/PC
Developers: MumboJumbo
Release Date: 10/30/01

It's no secret that I love the Myth series of games, as I own every game in the series, including the Worlds edition of Myth 2, and the offshoot, Green Berets. Myth III is kind of an odd duck here as I've owned it for a while, but never played through it all the way, that is until now.

Myth III is generally regarded as 'pretty bad' be most of the myth community, and most constantly talk about how it sucks. (One sad thing to note, is that most of these people haven't played the game/given it a chance. Not all though) That was my impression upon playing the demo for the first time when it was released, and not touching it again until a few years ago, when I got back into Myth and snatched it up off ebay. I started to play it, and really liked it a lot, but technical difficulties prevented me from finishing it on that playthrough leaving me maybe a third through the game.

The back-story behind Myth III's development is what happens when you take a copy not caring about the source material and mix it with some of the most hardcore modders in the community, then chop the end off the development time.

Myth III takes place 1000 years before Myth: The Fallen Lords, and focuses around explaining some of the unexplained history behind Myth and Myth II. The main character is a barbarian named Connacht who is the first man to lead a successful defense against the monsters known as Myrkridia.

The story really shines in some parts, and falls flat on it's face in others, with plot elements being ludicrous, and very much reeking of plot devices. The whole story feels a bit like a high budget tribute to the older Myth games than a whole new game itself. A lot of lines and narration in the game is quite cheesy, especially compared to the previous games.

While the plot has it's ups and downs it manages to be worth while to finnish at least once, though the ending is perhaps the lowest point of the story. The rest of the story, depending on your point of view, can close some gaps and fill in the holes remaining from the other games.

Along with the story is the voice acting which ranges from above average to quite bad. Some of the voice actors are quite competent, but none of them really give off the unique sound that the voice actors from the previous games did, and come off as, at best, pretty generic. The voice acting isn't helped by bad writing for the in game dialog and lousy voice direction.

The music for Myth III is interesting, it's a very different style then Myth or Myth II feeling more cinematic. While the music does feel atmospheric, it is in a different way then the previous games. The music itself is pretty good, though suffers from not enough creativity, and the songs are repeated a lot with little variation. While the music isn't live-recorded music, it's pretty high quality and could pass for movie music.

The graphics of Myth III are perhaps one of the most updated parts of the game, with fully 3D units, projectiles and more, with dynamic lighting detailed textures for the ground, trees swaying in the wind and reacting to explosions, grass not just being a blanket, and water with waves being much more complex.

The units are a hit and miss, some look great, others look downright bad, with square heads, and ugly faces. In general, most of the units are great, though a bit low polygon for today's RTSes. I think the main problem is the art direction which feels a lot more bland compared to the earlier games in the series. The animations for the units are also hit and miss with some being great and others feeling like filler animations, such as the trow kick.

The gameplay of this will look quite like Myth II at first glance, but when you actually get down to playing it, it feels quite different. In some levels it feels better, with more of an adventure feel to it, but being an RTS, most of the combat parts feel far too simple and bland. The enemies move too fast most of the time to use your long range units, so it often boils down to just charging in with your melee units. In general, the gameplay feels just a bit "Off" to those who have played the other games in the series.

Another strange thing about Myth III is the difficulty being extremely difficult due to aforementioned lack of being able to easily use all your units, leaving you dead in most conflicts unless you are lucky on even the normal difficulty. The game only has three difficulties, Timid, Normal and Legendary. Normal is hard enough to be labeled hard to most casual players, making it feel pointless to be called "Normal"

Since the game is so hard, you will be saving all the time, which is very annoying for anyone playing coop, (online coop doesn't have any saving system). There were a few points in the game which had insta-death parts that I couldn't have known about until I died from it once, which isn't a very nice move, especially when in coop, where you would need to start the level from scratch.

The level design is quite different from the earlier games in the series, often feeling like they lack the charm of Bungie's levels, being simpler and not as memorable. However, Myth III's indoor environments trump anything possible in Myth or Myth II, with high detail and polygon environmental models and brilliantly done levels with great ground textures.

All in all there are some great levels in Myth III, taking cue from the more popular plugins for Myth and Myth II. As well as units to go along with them.

In the end as a Myth player, I believe Myth III is worth you time for a playthrough and maybe even two, depending on how much you like it. I stand by what I said before. Myth III feels like a book to move adaption of a game, some things were done right, some things were done horribly wrong, but it's great to see everything come alive.

What I liked:

Story: While it was not all good, I certainly was interested on seeing where they went with it, and I had fun while it lasted.

Music: I did like the music, and it grew on me more playing through the game, thumbs up here.

Graphics: Say what you will, I liked the graphics, even if the models were a bit low poly, the whole thing brings the Myth engine into new realms of possibility in terms of what you could make, but the atmosphere you could create.

Art Style: Not everywhere, as I stated before, I didn't like all of it, but the world map and some of the drawings are quite pretty in this.

New ideas/gameplay mechanics: While most of the time, Myth III stays being just like Myth and Myth II in gameplay mechanics, it does mix it up on a few levels, breathing some new life into the campaign, I liked this a lot.

Some nice small things: There were some great small interface or gameplay tweaks that I really liked. Having a formation bar was one of them.

What I didn't like:

Story: While a lot of it was good, some of it sounded like fanfic by a young kid, not fully caring about, or understanding the story. I almost face-palmed a few times.

Difficulty: I am not sure the intent, but this game has a far too hard normal difficulty, I assume Legendary is just ridiculous, and probably isn't much fun.

Voice Acting: Man, some of the voice acting in this was cringe worthy, Archers and dwarfs especially.

Glitches: While the updates fixed a lot of glitches, this game still has quite a few left over... One can only more more updates are somewhere in the future.

Rock Paper... what?: Myth was based on the concept of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Archers kill Dwarves, Dwarves kill Melee, Melee kills archers. Myth III seems to have forgotten this.

Not enough looked into: I feel a lot of things they could have gone into about the past of this world were not explored, instead focusing on lesser known of things a lot of the time.

Not enough of a reunion tour: While some would consider this a plus, Myth III doesn't revisit just about any locations from Myth or Myth II, making it almost feel like a different world all together.

I wasn't done yet?: Often times levels will end with you still fighting giving you a sense of unaccomplishment.

Ending: Bleah. Most of the ending felt thrown together at the last moment, with a badly done final level, with scripting glitches.

Plugins?: For some reason Myth III automatically enables all plugins that are in, and lists them in the map list, making it too easy to accidentally kick people for not having the same plugin, when you don't even realize you are using one. This also makes it have a loading time at start up.

Art Style: While some of it is good, in general, the game feels a lot more 'generic western fantasy' then the original games.

Gameplay?: Somehow Mumbo Jumbo ported the gameplay, but made it feel 'off'. There's just something about it that doesn't sit right.

Overall Scores:

Presentation - 8.5/10: This feels like a whole new game, which it should, and pushes the Myth engine in good ways, along with some good music, and average narration.

Graphics - 9/10: While the artstyle is a bit bland, and the units are low polygon, the overall graphics look great, big thumbs up.

Sound - 7/10: Good music, but coupled with average to horrid voice acting.

Gameplay - 6/10: While it's partially the same myth gameplay, the balance between units and pacing all suffer making this feel a lot more generic.

Lasting appeal - 6/10: While it's good for a playthrough or two, and contains the same 2-16 player LAN of Myth and Myth II, the multiplayer isn't as well done as Myth II.

Overall Fun - 7.5: I definitely had fun with this and can see myself going back to play it later down the line. Sure there are problems with this game, but it's also worth the time to play through and a good game it it's own ways.

Review by Jon God, Saturday September 19th, 2009, 3:49AM.

P.S. Keep your eye out for DarthRevan555's Myth III -> Myth II port, coming sometime in the future.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heros of Haxor 3 released!

The previously mentioned Heros of Haxor 3 is now availible on the Tain, go snatch it up!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Heros Of Haxor 3 preview

I played Myth for many years before becoming a real fan of it, and I missed out on many popular plugins, which I am slowly catching up on. One of the plugins I missed was Zeph's popular "Heros of Haxor" series of plugins, in which 2 teams made up of a small number of 'hero' units with crazy-powerful powers duke it out in an arena.

Heros of Haxor 3 is the newest installment of the Heros of Haxor series, and looks to not only do the originals justice, but push this series of plugins even farther with new it's new co-op mode.

The co-op mode places a team of randomly assigned Hero units against groups of enemies, which start out small, but over time, the groups get larger and large, so after a time, you will really be pushed to the edge of your seat. It's never hopeless however, as the group of Heros are all well made, with incredible special effects and satisfying attacks. While lot of plugins with new units and attacks take a while to ease in, making them have harsh learning curves, this plugin does a good job of side stepping it, making a lot of the attacks new enough to not feel "been there done that", yet close enough to other attacks to feel at home, and not lost on your first try.

Another thing that makes the co-op stan out, is the fact that unlike a lot of coop survival plugins, in this, your units are not incredibly tough, being only a bit tougher then the original units they are based on, which makes this feel a lot more tense, but in a good way, and not tedious.

The increasing difficulty is really well done, and was something that stood out to me as a very great addition to the coop, giving you time to dish out units, and get used to what you have before the big waves come in. Even so, it doesn't start boring either, as you still have to watch yourself, even at the start.

The versus of this is what the fans of the other plugins have come to expect, but updated for a new plugin, it will still contain some of, if not the best special effects for attacks, as well as some of the most interesting and unique attacks to grace Myth.

For either mode of play you are looking forward to, you have a treat in store, hopefully Zeph will fix some minor balance issues, because that seemed to be all that was left to fix before it was ready to go into the public's hands.

Keep your eyes open for it!